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Enciris Technologies is seeking an experienced very internationally oriented sales and marketing manager to join our team.

The job responsibilities will include:

  1. Participating with senior management in the selection and recommendation of appropriate projects.
  2. Working directly with engineering staff to prepare proposal and marketing materials, including writing, editing, verifying and formatting information ensuring that they are accurate, timely and well written.
  3. Monitor sources for pertinent information relative to current and future pursuits.
  4. Helping the webmaster with the maintenance of the website.
  5. Handling customer calls.
  6. Following customers and taking customer orders. The successful candidate will have excellent command of English grammar, oral communication and interpersonal skills, organizational skills, ability to work under the pressure of multiple deadlines, and ability to work independently with minimal guidance. Ability to speak and write some French is required for internal day to day activities. Experience within the electronic products for embedded systems and system integrators would be a plus.

You will be involved in the design and development of video processing products. You will be expected to work through all phases of both hardware and software design and work within the context of team. There are opportunities to develop rapidly into management of projects including having full responsibility for delivery to clients.

To meet the demanding requirements of this role you will have:

  1. A degree in electronic or software engineering or a related discipline.
  2. A genuine passion for electronics, software, and engineering in general.
  3. Relevant post graduate industrial experience.
  4. Strong technical skills, with key strengths in digital electronics design, software (drivers/embedded) design.
  5. Familiarity with CAD schematic design and layout tools.
  6. Experience in DfM, design for test, and reliability engineering.
  7. A track record in new product introduction particularly in the embedded/ system integrator sector.
  8. Excellent English communication and documentation skills.

A post-graduate qualification with a high level of practical experience would also be advantageous.

Are you in your final year of engineering school and seeking an apprenticeship position with the possibility of being hired upon completion?

A candidate will need:

  1. Significant self motivation.
  2. The self confidance to perform tasks without constant supervision.
  3. To have a genuine passion for electronics, software, and engineering in general.
  4. To love Linux.
  5. To have knowledge of FPGAs.
  6. To be a good C programmer.
  7. To have good English communication skills.
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