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Ordering information for LT-101-PCI

Real-time low latency HDTV and SDTV multimedia acquisition and compression board


Media Acquisition and Compression Board

Order Code: LT-101-PCI

The LT-101-PCI is an HD video capture board that VC-1/SMPTE-421/WMV-HD compresses HDTV video in real-time. This board installs in a free PCI slot. Alternatively it can be connected via USB (external power supply and a USB cable required but not included for USB operation).


External power supply for LT-101-PCI products

Order Code: LT-101-PS

This power supply is needed when using LT-101-PCI as a USB device.


1.8m/6ft USB cable

Order Code: CAB-USB-AB6

This cable is needed when using LT-101-PCI as a USB device.


BNC to VGA cable

Order Code: CAB-BNC5-VGA

This cable is used to connect analog RGB or YUV sources to the LT-101. With the 5 BNCs a variety of sync combinations can be used including separate H and V syncs as well as sync on green (SOG) Use this cable with our VGA to DVI adapter.


YUV/YCrCb/Component/RGB RCA to DVI Adapter

Order Code: ADP-YUV-RCA3-DVI

This cable adaptoer is used to connect YUV/YCbCr/component or RGB (sync on green) sources to the the LT-101.


1.8m/6ft DVI-I cable

Order Code: CAB-DVI-I6

A DVI cable to connect DVI sources to the LT-101.


1.8m/6ft HDMI cable

Order Code: CAB-HDMI6

Use this cable and our HDMO to DVI adapter to connect HDMI sources to the LT-101.


HDMI to DVI adapter

Order Code: ADP-HDMI-DVI

This HDMI to DVI adapter allows the connection of HDMI sources to the LT-101. Note: Many HDMI sources are HDCP (copy protection) coded and this adapter does not remove HDCP.


1m/3ft VGA Cable

Order Code: CAB-VGA3

A VGA cable for use with our VGA to DVA adapter.


SDI Daugther board for LT-101-PCI

Order Code: LT-101-SDI

This option adds an HD/SD-SDI input to the LT-101-PCI.


VGA to DVI Adapter

Order Code: ADP-VGA-DVI

This adapter is used to connect analog VGA sources to the LT-101.


2m/6ft Composite Video BNC Cable

Order Code: CAB-BNC6

Composite video BNC cable for LT-101.


3.5m/12ft S-Video cable

Order Code: CAB-SVIDEO12

S-video cable for the LT-101.


RCA Female to BNC Adapter

Order Code: ADP-RCA-BNC

Allows the user to connect RCA composite NTSC/PAL directly to the LT-101 with this adapter.


0.2m/9in Dual RCA Female to Stereo Jack Cable/Adapter


Used to connect stereo audio sources to the LT-101.


1.8m/6ft RCA Male to Stereo Jack Cable


Used to connect RCA plug equipped audio sources to the LT-101 with this cable.