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Software Development Kit

The LT-124-SDK software development kit provides the tools to develop applications around the LT-124 series products. The SDK has support for Windows, Mac OS X, and linux. The API remains identical over all platforms.

The API consists of a library of functions that permit the configuration and operations of the LT-124 device. The API is useable from any programming language that has the ability to call functions within a dynamically linked library. The native development environment is c/c++ but the functions can be called from such languages as Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP, Python, etc., with the appropriate header files and wrappers. Sample applications are provided demonstrating the use of the API.

The SDK is available free of charge to users of Enciris Technologies products. However, Developper Support Packages (DSP) are available for those of you interested in high priority assistance while developing their application. This service typically includes a direct line to our design engineers, coding assistance, code reviews, lots of advice, assistance in debugging, trouble shooting, training and possibly feature enhancements. Please contact us for more information and pricing regarding our DSPs.

Additionally, the SDK includes platform dependent demonstration applications that use the system specific multimedia frameworks such as DirectShow, Quicktime, and Video4linux. These higher level frame works encapsulate the API functions and allow for the rapid development of multimedia applications without the need to learn the low level API.


  • Multiplatform support (Windows/Mac OS X/LInux)
  • Simple API
  • Identical API over all platforms
  • Exploit all LT-124 features via API
  • C/C++ callable API functions
  • Sample c/c++ applications
  • Sample DirectShow applications
  • Sample QuickTime applications
  • Sample Video4Linux applications
  • Dynamically linkable libraries supplied (.dll, .so, .dylib)
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