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LT-125-USB Video Encoder Hardware

Video Compression/Decompression Evaluation Platform

The LT-125 is a Lattice Semiconductor ECP3 FPGA based board for the evaluation of Enciris Technologies’ HD and SD video compression and decompression IP. The LT-125 is designed to demonstrate high performance h.264/AVC and VC-1 encoding and decoding in FPGA applications.

This board is equipped with an HDMI input, a DVI input with both single and dual link capabilities, and an SMPTE 3G/HD/SD-SDI input. These inputs can be used for one or multiple channel video capture and acquisition. An HDMI output is also provided for display in pass-through or decoding applications.

As the LT-125 uses FPGA technology for video processing, it is inherently very flexible and can be configured for a multitude of operations. Enciris Technologies supplies tools to change the LT-125 operating modes by using a choice of different FPGA configurations. The supplied LT-125 configurations are full featured and have additional functionality that is not included in our standard h.264 and VC-1 IP deliverables.

Multiple configuration are available including single channel H.264 compression, dual channel H.264 compression, dual channel VC-1 compression, etc. Some modes of operation are still under development and more will be added.

Easy to use demo applications are included demonstrating the mode of operation. Using the resources of a Lattice ECP3-150 and four 32-bit Mobile DDRs the LT-125 can be configured to compress up to either two channels of 1080p HDTV at 30 frames per second video simultaneously or one channel of 1080p at 60 frames per second. Up to four channels of HDTV can be decompressed with the LT-125.

Functional Description

The LT-125 evaluation module includes video input and output connectors, a series of video input equalizers and a level shifter, a Lattice ECP3-150 FPGA, DDR memories, a Lattice XP2-8, a USB device controller, power management electronics and a USB device controller. These functions are detailed in the block diagram above.

The FPGA has access to four Low Power Mobile DDRs. These are 32-bit DDRs with a capacity of 256Mbits each that operate at up to 133MHz using Enciris Technologies' proprietary video optimized DDR controller IP. The LT-125 is not equipped with a permanent ECP3 configuration device (i.e. Flash memory) and the configuration bitstream is uploaded from the host PC via USB each time the board is used. This method allows for quick changes of configuration without requiring the use of the JTAG port. Typically the ECP3 takes only a second or two to be reconfigured.

A Lattice XP2 FPGA is responsible for efficiently transferring packets of data (e.g. compressed, uncompressed video, and parameters) to and from the USB device controller. The LT-125 to host USB transfer rate is limited by the USB bandwidth.

The LT-125 is operated by installing supplied software packages on a host PC. For each LT-125 mode of operation a specific demo application is provided with a corresponding FPGA configuration bitstream. Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 operating systems are supported.

The LT-125 uses no host CPU resources for compression or decompression and as such host requirements are minimal.

LT-125 Configurations

Enciris Technologies is continually developing new operation configuration for the LT-125. Here is a list of the configurations available and currently being developed.


Logic Utilization
Ext. DDRs Used
H.264 single channel 1080p30 encoder with quarter-pel motion estimation
~56K LUTs @133MHz
H.264 dual-channel 1080p30 encoder with full-pel motion estimation
~110K LUTs @133MHz
H.264 single channel 1080p60 encoder with full-pel motion estimation
~110K LUTs @133MHz
H.264 single channel 1080p30 encoder with no motion estimation (Intra Only) TBA 1
H.264 single channel Standard definition video encoder with motion estimation
VC-1 dual-channel 1080p30 encoder ~110K LUTs @133MHz 4
VC-1 single-channel 1080p60 encoder
~90K LUTs @133MHz
VC-1 single-channel Standard definition video encoder TBA 1
H.264 1080p30 four channel decoder
VC-1 1080p30 four channel decoder TBA TBA


  • A platform for evaluating Enciris Technologies H.264 and VC-1 video compression and decompression IP
  • Uses a powerful Lattice ECP3 FPGA with 150 KLUTs for video processing
  • Equipped with a DVI single and dual link video input
  • Equipped with an SMPTE 3G/HD/SD/SDI video input
  • Equipped with an HDMI video input
  • Equipped with an HDMI video output
  • Connects to a host PC via a USB2.0 cable type B
  • Can be completely reconfigured for different modes of operation in seconds.
  • FPGA Configuration bitstreams are uploaded directly via USB. JTAG is not required.
  • Very simple setup
  • Includes a PC based application for quick evaluation and configuration
  • Includes Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 bit support
  • Linux and Mac OSX support
  • A simple SDK that includes DirectShow is available for developing custom applications around the LT-125
  • Also available in OEM quantities and pricing
  • Customizations possible


Typical Apps

  • HDTV capture and storage
  • Digital video recorders
  • Video Medical systems
  • Endoscopy DVR
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video over LAN
  • Inspection systems
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