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Enciris Technologies website is now available in French and Spanish!

Coming soon: A German version of our website.

Jun 03 2016

Enciris Technologies is celebrating 10 years!

We would like to thank our employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and everyone else who has helped Enciris Technologies become the great company it is today!

Feb 19 2016

The LT-124-PCIE is now available

The LT-124-PCIE is now available. This board can compress up to 60 frames per second without using much host CPU resources. All standard HDTV resolutions are supported. LT-124-PCIE is designed for low-latency applications and outputs compressed video within only a few milliseconds after acquisition. Multiple configurations are available including single/dual channel H.264 compression, single/dual channel VC-1 compression, etc.

LT-124-PCIE has a reconfigurable processing core that can be configured for other compression formats as we make them available. Currently, 3D capture and mixing is implemented.

An optional DVI output module can be connected to the LT-124-PCIE via a Flexible Flat Cable thus allowing for real time video loop-through.

LT-124-PCIE also captures and synchronizes stereo audio with the incoming video thus providing a complete multimedia acquisition and compression solution.

Sep 16 2015

New Web

Enciris Technologies welcomes you to its new website !

For questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mar 06 2015

We have moved!

We have finally moved into our own newly constructed headquarters.

22, avenue de l'Europe,
81600 Gaillac
Jun 10 2013

H.264 codec is available for all hardware products.

Enciris is proud to announce the releasse of a H.264 codec for the LT-101, LT-122, LT-200 and LT-102. Users of our hardware will be able to choose either VC-1 or H.264 as the compression standard. The H.264 codec was developped internally by our engineers and has the same functionatlity as our VC-1.

Customers having developped VC-1 applications should have little difficulty using H.264.

Mar 13 2013