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About US

Enciris Technologies

Enciris Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance video processing hardware for OEMs, system integrators, embedded systems, and professional users.

We provide solutions for customers aiming to add affordable HD video compression, video streaming, and storage to their products or services.

Specialized in high definition video processing and video encoding hardware, Enciris Technologies has developed its own HDTV compression and decompression technology that complies with widely used standards such as VC-1/WMV-HD/SMPTE-421M as well as H.264 up to 4K resolution.

With an emphasis on providing low cost and high performance/quality solutions, Enciris Technologies proposes a number of board and module level products for maximum application flexibility.

We also design custom products incorporating our technology whether it be an IP core for a video compressor or a full board solution.

Enciris About Us. Video Compression Board

Headquartered in Gaillac, France, Enciris Technologies was founded in February 2006 and is a privately held SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) corporation. Enciris Technologies is an internationally oriented company and serves a worldwide market. We have both sales and technical staff who are fluent in English, French, German, Dutch...

Enciris Technologies SAS, 22, Avenue de l'Europe, 81600 Gaillac, France. Tel: +33 (0)5 81 18 01 12 - Fax: +33 (0)5 31 51 01 74 - Business Registration: RCS 48850579300015/ALBI

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