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Address: Enciris Technologies, 22 Ave de l"Europe, 81600 Gaillac, France
CV-40 4K Remote Head Camera With CV-42 Capture Card

New Enciris CV-40 Camera Series delivers crystal clear Ultra HD 4K imagery with lightning-fast sub frame latency

Medical OEM’s and System Integrators benefit from Enciris technologies’ milestone

Gaillac, France – Thursday 15th December 2022 – Enciris Technologies is announcing today the launch and production availability* of the new CV-40 camera and CV-42 capture card, which features native Ultra HD 4K resolution, 10-bit sensor and image processing combined with blazingly fast sub-frame latency.

The new camera is compatible with C-Mount lenses or optionally available as a bare board version for integration into medical equipment such as microscopes and endoscopes. With an ultra-compact low-power design, the camera sensor typically consumes just 1.5W and offers extended temperature operation. There is full auto-exposure, sharpness controls, advanced de-noise filtering, binning modes and low-light enhancement, all of which work together to provide crystal clear imagery in almost all possible lighting conditions.

“This represents a new milestone in medical imaging and adds a step function in providing greater clarity and resolution for medical OEM’s and system integrators, which is especially valuable for surgical microscopes, endoscopy, minimum evasive surgery and advanced medical robotics” stated Phillip Weissfloch, CEO of Enciris, adding “The camera and capture card also have an innovative design that allows a single-core flexible coax cable to perform several functions including: providing the video link, powering the camera and as well providing bi-directional i/o for the camera head. This aids usability because a large variety of cabling methods can be used”.

The CV-42 capture card offers less than one frame latency including overlay capabilities and also provides 10-bit video processing, PCIe 4xGen 2 bus, four direct 12G SDI outputs and a HDMI 4K output. The overlay function allows for text, shape(s) and image injection with alpha blending, enabling customers to inject their own overlays and templates onto the incoming camera video.

In addition, the CV-42 also supports the new Enciris-Empowered API with simultaneous multi-channel capture for Windows, Linux, Direct Show, Python, C++, C#, .NET and Golang. The new API runs as a service and reduces time to market due to the fact that typical customer use-cases are less than 100 lines of code.

With some reduced functionality, the CV-42 can also be run without a PCI express host and be thus controlled via USB or UART.

* The CV-40 and CV-42 are Sampling now, production quantities Q1/2023.

A standalone version of the CV-42 is currently in development.  

About Enciris Technologies

Enciris Products are Engineered and built in France. The Enciris story started in 2006 with a vision to make a range of accessible high performance video capture products using the latest, state-of-the-art technology.

The company has evolved to become a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance video processing hardware for OEMs, system integrators, embedded systems, and professional users. Enciris provides solutions for customers to add Ultra HD 4K/Full HD camera technology, video acquisition, hardware compression, video routing, video format conversion, video overlay, video streaming and storage capabilities.

We design for Long Term Support (LTS) and ultra-high reliability.

Enciris is an ISO9001:2015 company.

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