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Enciris Launches 4K Latency-Free Overlay for AI Applications

Innovative overlay adapted for Emerging use-cases

The latest generation of Enciris 4K capture cards and camera products all include a set of flexible latency-free overlay features combined with a loop-through HDMI output.  This applies to all of the Enciris Lautrec LT-300 capture cards as well as the CV-4X family of camera products.

In this article we consider AI use cases for overlay within the medical domain.

Recap on Overlay and Loop Through

Overlay provides the ability to mix and combine video images with drawn shapes and text created within the Enciris API or even with other video streams or images. For Enciris products, this also includes being able to set transparency information dynamically on different parts of the overlayed image as is shown in the image.

Loop-through is a video output that mirrors one of the selected incoming video signals. With all Enciris 4K products there is a loop-through output combined with an overlay function. This output is referred to as latency-free because the delay for both overlay and loop-through functions combined is less than 20 video lines, which is undetectable to the naked eye.

Merging AI information onto incoming video feed data using CH-1001

An emerging application for Overlay is AI. The Enciris CH-1001 is a flexible AI video processor board with many different applications. It has a in-line PCIe connector, that allows it to be directly plugged together with any Enciris capture card or camera product in a low-profile enclosure. The processor board uses a powerful NVIDIA AI processor chip-on-module, to be able to both record the incoming video as well as to provide AI object recognition from the incoming video streams.

We will be discussing in detail the recording functions of the CH-1001 board in forthcoming articles.

AI technology is reaching a point of maturity where object recognition has become a useful tool for both screening and surgery. One practical medical example of the use for AI is its use to recognise polyps.  A colon polyp is a small clump of cells that forms on the lining of the digestive tract. Whilst most colon polyps are completely harmless it is possible over time that some colon polyps can develop into colon cancer. After the AI processor has been trained to recognise the desired object; it takes the incoming video feed from an endoscope and immediately starts scanning image by image for visual patterns that resemble the desired object – in this case polyps.

In many AI applications the output from the AI engine is a box drawn around a recognised object, and in the given example this allows the doctor to have an additional check for polyps in the areas indicated by the AI. Within an AI application, there is often the need to be able to blend the output from the AI processor onto the incoming video signals. This is required so that you can see both the original video and also the AI component that is used to highlight an area of interest.

On the CH-1001 there are several methods to be able to merge the video data with the objects recognised by the AI; overlay is one way to achieve this on both LT-300 series Frame Grabbers and the CV-4X Camera products. This allows the AI signal to be merged onto the video feed without any noticeable latency.


All Enciris 4K products include an embedded latency-free overlay function on the loop-through output. This can be used to mix different data(s) or video with the incoming video feed(s) which can be useful in a variety of different medical applications including emerging AI use cases, where the recognised AI data needs to be merged with the incoming video feed with minimal latency.

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